Scraped Wheel Repair


Starting at $150.00

It can be pretty tricky to parallel park along Charleston's narrow streets with tall stone curbs. Scraped wheels can spoil the good looks of your vehicle and cause people to think that you're not a very good driver. We resurface and paint scraped wheels to bring them back to showroom appearance.

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Bent Wheel Repair


Starting at $203.00

Charleston's cobble stone streets and deep pot holes can take a toll on your wheels and that can lead to an uncomfortable ride or even compromised tire seating. Our technicians use a hydraulic wheel repair machine to bring bent wheels back to round and then balance the wheel to ensure a smooth, safe ride.

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Paint Services


$350 for Bumpers
$150 for Blend
$125 for Roof Rack
$80   for Mirror Cap
$80   for Fuel Door
$40   for Tow Hook Cover

Other surfaces by estimate only
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Dent Removal


$100 for first 1 inch Dent or Crease (  $25 each additional)
$150 for first 2 inch Dent or Crease (  $50 each additional)
$200 for first 3 inch Dent or Crease ($100 each additional)

Larger Damage by estimate only
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Scratch Repair via Compound Buffing


Starting at $75.00

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Leather and Vinyl Repair


Starting at $100.00

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Headlamp Restoration


Starting at $180.00

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