5 Things You Need To Know About the smart electric drive – smart center of charleston – Charleston, SC

August 26th, 2015 by


There is so much speculation about the smart car – and these five things may help you make the decision to switch to smart.

1) Pre-Condition is built in.

This car does not take long to warm up; in just a few minutes it is toasty warm! To pre-condition it set the time on the dashboard or on the mobile app!

2) It has a mobile app.

The mobile app is very helpful. It shows your car’s stats including state of charge, range, charging notifications and climate control.

3) The front passenger seat folds flat.

Another helpful thing you may not have known, the front passenger seat can be folded down flat therefore increasing your boot space for your extra luggage or purchases.

4) It has adjustable regenerative braking.

The vehicle can be ordered with a three-spoke steering wheel and “Recuperation Paddles” so you can adjust the regenerative breaking from zero (coasting) to stage 2, 60% regenerative power.

5) It is tougher than you may expect.

Mercedes-Benz, who make the smart, wouldn’t be silly enough to make a car that was dangerous would they? No. The smart electric drive handles the Pole Test, a simulation of a very typical real-world accident and performs fairly better than other vehicles.

 Are you sold on a new smart electric drive? Come in to smart center charleston and test drive on today!