Six Safety Reasons to Consider the INFINITI Q50 Technology Package Upgrade

June 17th, 2016 by


While the base model 2016 INFINITI Q50 is already quite safe (earning good and superior crash-worthiness ratings from the IIHS), sometimes it’s comforting to know that there’s more you can do to make your daily commute even safer. INFINITI’s Technology Package upgrade incorporates advanced features that extend beyond the basic airbag. Check out the six features below, which exist to keep each trip incident-free.

  1. The automatically-leveling adaptive front lighting system includes headlights that adjust according to your steering pattern, allowing for more visibility at night.
  2. High-beam assist headlights automatically change in accordance with exterior lighting conditions, ensuring that you’re seen by other drivers on the road.
  3. Front-seat pre-crash seat belts tighten when you perform certain emergency maneuvers in preparation for an accident.
  4. Distance control assistance helps you slow your speed in heavy or slowing traffic by sensing the movement and location of other cars around your own.
  5. Blind-spot intervention technology alerts you to cars in your blind spot and corrects your driving actions if you attempt to drift toward a car located outside your visual range.
  6. Lane-departure warning signals illuminate when your car begins to drift into another lane or off the road.

Stop by Baker INFINITI to test drive an INFINITI Q50 with a Technology Package upgrade at 1513 Savannah Highway in West Ashley.

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