Baker Motor Company Sponsors the Zugunruhe Fest

September 23rd, 2016 by

This past weekend, Baker Motor Company’s Land Rover West Ashley sponsored the Zugunruhe Fest hosted by the Center for Birds of Prey and the Avian Conservation Center in Awendaw. It was fantastic to see four Land Rovers on display for the event!

The center houses several rare species including the British Barn Owl, the Black Vulture, and the Bald Eagle. Many of their 50 species are not typically found in the Lowcountry. Certain species are becoming extinct due to the abundance of fertilizers in the ecosystem, ingesting hormones from other deceased animals, and encounters with litter, such as plastic rings from soda packaging and fishing line. Whenever an injured bird is spotted, the experts at the Birds of Prey Clinic do their best to capture the bird and perform the appropriate procedures to eventually release it back into the wild. The Center for Birds of Prey exists to educate citizens about bird health and to care for avian species in need.

The Zugunruhe Fest is an annual celebration of the Southeastern Fall Migration in which many species will be flying to their wintering grounds. We were so excited to have a Land Rover West Ashley presence at the event, which took place September 15th through 17th.

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