Introducing The OnStar Smart Driver Feature

January 10th, 2017 by

The OnStar Smart Driver program is now making it possible for drivers to increase their skills on the road. The service is available on most 2015 to 2017 Buick models and is a part of the OnStar Basic Plan for no additional cost. The program is designed to assist Buick owners in maximizing their vehicle’s overall performance, while reducing the rate of wear and tear. This advantage will help owners save money and drive responsibly—who doesn’t want that? Check out the ways that the OnStar Smart Driver program can track your driving behavior below.


  • OnStar Smart Driver Score – Calculated with Driving Data that Can Be Sorted by Day, Week, Month, Year and Lifetime
  • Historical OnStar Smart Driver Scores
  • Total Number of Hard Braking Events and Where They Took Place
  • Total Number of Hard Acceleration Events and Where They Took Place
  • High-Speed Driving Percentage
  • Late-Night Driving Percentage
  • Total Miles Driven
  • Average MPG and MPH
  • Helpful Tips on How to Become a Smarter Driver


Interested in taking on the challenge of Buick’s OnStar Smart Driver feature? Visit us at Baker Buick GMC Cadillac at 1621 Savannah Highway in West Ashley to test drive or purchase a Buick today!

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