The 718 Cayman Goes Head-to-Head with the 718 Cayman S

January 4th, 2017 by

Porsche never ceases to excel in everything they create. The 718 Cayman and the 718 Cayman S are both distinguished and unbeatable. The 718 Cayman S brings even more power and speed to the already-impressive 718 Cayman. Check out the details of the two models and compare for yourself with a test drive.


                                        718 Cayman                                                  718 Cayman S


Engine Power:                   300hp                                                              350hp

Max. Torque:                     280lb.-ft                                                          309lb.-ft

Top Speed:                          170mph                                                           177mph

0-60mph:                            5.0s                                                                   4.4s

Fuel Consumption:         28mpg                                                             26mpg




Looking to get behind the wheel of the 718 Cayman or the 718 Cayman S? Head to Baker Motor Company in West Ashley for a test drive.

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