Baker Motor Company’s Five Favorite Luxuries of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach 600 – Baker Motor Company – Charleston, SC

September 10th, 2015 by


The Maybach model has long been associated with premium luxury. When Mercedes-Benz resurrected the name for the 2016 model year with the introduction of the Mercedes-Maybach S600, we took notice.

Of course its performance capabilities are astounding, but they don’t compare to some of the features and amenities available in this ultra-luxurious sedan.

Baker Motor Company has put together our top five favorite luxuries found only in the Mercedes-Benz Maybach 600.

Refrigerator Box- With this feature you will never step foot into your vehicle without knowing a cold beverage awaits you. This is the perfect amenity for the hot Charleston days and evenings.

Split Screen Entertainment- This one is for the ultimate multi-tasker. This feature allows you to watch a DVD on half of the screen and have GPS on the other side- all while controlling it from your wireless remote- very convenient.

Handcrafted Champagne Flutes– Because why not? Sipping champagne from handcrafted champagne flutes made just for the 2016 Mercedes-Maybach is always a treat and an “instagramable” moment.

Fragrance Dispenser- Your vehicle’s scent will never go stale because it is equipped with a fragrance dispense that gently releases into the cabin.

Folding Tables– Need to get some work done in your vehicle? The fold out table allows you to do so comfortably and efficiently. Also great for an impromptu card game or eating a meal on the road.