‘Tommy And Victoria Baker School Of Business’ At The Citadel Announced

February 23rd, 2017 by

Baker Motor Company is pleased to announce that our Founder and CEO, Mr. Tommy Baker, has made a donation to The Citadel to enhance veteran, cadet and student business education. As a result of Mr. Baker’s monetary gift, The Citadel will be naming the new business school ‘The Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business’. Mr. Baker is grateful to each dedicated employee and loyal customer that has made this community gift possible.


Mr. Baker studied business while attending the college as a veteran student with The Citadel Class of 1972 after returning from service as an enlisted Marine.


“The education I received at The Citadel reinforced the discipline I learned in the U.S. Marine Corps, which together laid the groundwork for any business success I have experienced,” said Baker. “Both experiences reinforced my belief in the essential values of discipline and service to others. By giving back in this way, Victoria and I hope to provide future Citadel cadets and students with opportunities for success while producing principled entrepreneurs for Charleston, the Lowcountry and beyond.”


The gift, payable over a 10-year period, will fund several endowments and other resources to enhance the school’s offerings for veteran students, as well as cadets, graduate and evening undergraduate business students.


What the gift will provide

The gift facilitates the establishment of five new business professorships, one in each of the professional pathways offered by the Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business:  accounting, financial services, professional selling, supply chain management, and principled entrepreneurship.


The gift will also endow and support MBA and undergraduate-level programming in Principled Entrepreneurship and Innovation, offering business education with a strict focus on ethical decision-making as an entrepreneur.


A portion of the gift will permanently endow the Tommy B. Baker Veteran Fellowship program at The Citadel, which Baker initially established in 2014 to provide fellowships for qualified veteran students as they return to civilian life.


An endowment will focus strictly on student engagement, providing opportunities in areas such as online and executive education, internships, and career services. 


A portion of the gift will be held in a capital reserve fund to support the construction and maintenance of Bastin Hall, the new academic building that will house the Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business.


“When people in the Lowcountry think of Tommy Baker, they think of business success. This transformative gift will reflect his achievements, providing resources to create programs of distinction in the Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business,” said Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, USAF (Retired), president of The Citadel and member of the Class of 1973. “The Bakers’ contribution will help us successfully conclude the LEAD Plan 2018, the college’s long range plan, as we continue our mission to develop principled leaders.”


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