Bike Sense From Land Rover – Land Rover West Ashley – Charleston, SC

August 13th, 2015 by



During the Spring and Summer months, the number of bicyclists and pedestrians in Charleston increases dramatically. At Land Rover West Ashley safety is one of our top priorities for our drivers, which  is why we are excited to tell you about Land Rover’s “Bike Sense”.  This new technology takes on the task to help protect cyclists while on the road.

If a bicycle is coming up the road behind a Land Rover, “Bike Sense”  will uses lights and sounds to alert the driver if it is overtaking or coming past the vehicle on the inside, and the top of the car seat will extend to “tap” the driver on the left or right shoulder.

The idea is that the driver will then instinctively look over their shoulder to identify potential hazards.

As the cyclist gets closer to the car, an array of LED lights on the window sills, dashboard and windscreen pillars will glow amber and then red as the bike approaches. The movement of these red and amber lights across these surfaces will also highlight the direction the bike is taking.  The audio system will also make a sound as if a bicycle bell or motorbike horn is coming through the speaker nearest the bike, so the driver immediately understands the direction the cyclist is coming from.

“Bike Sense” would also be able to identify potential hazards that the driver cannot see. If a pedestrian or cyclist is crossing the road, and they are obscured by a stationary vehicle for example, the car’s sensors will detect  and draw the driver’s attention to the hazard using directional light and sound.

Watch “Bike Sense” in action here! How cool is that? We invite you to visit us at Land Rover West Ashley  in person to learn more about Land Rover’s newest technology and to test drive our lineup of new and pre-owned vehicles.