Cadillac: Rebuilding the American Dream

March 24th, 2016 by

The 113-year-old automotive luxury brand revs up its marketing strategy to compete in a modern market. In a recent article by Cadillac’s Chief Marketing Officer, Uwe Ellinghaus, he describes how Cadillac was once known as the “standard of the world,” but now it’s often defined in the past tense. Ellinghaus explains how the company is making changes to compete with new icons of automotive luxury, such as, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

“Returning Cadillac to a place of leadership in the global automotive luxury market takes focus, continuity, and consistency. But more than that, it takes a resurgence of the emotion and passion that’s been at the core of Cadillac since its inception—purely American qualities with which the Germans simply cannot compete. It takes more than a superior product; it takes the ability to inspire.”

Some of the changes being made at Cadillac include: launching eight new Cadillac products by 2020, moving its birthplace of Detroit to New York City, and shifting away from traditional media and toward digital platforms.

“This is an historic moment for Cadillac, and creating a powerful brand takes herculean patience and discipline. It all begins with a mind-set that remains true to our roots but, ultimately, will transform our culture, product, and—if we do this right—the Cadillac brand. We all need to dream Cadillac once again.”

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