Incredible Aerodynamics: The GMC Terrain

February 15th, 2018 by

GMC has created an SUV that specializes in aerodynamics and high performance. The brand recently introduced the 2018 GMC Terrain to the market, and it is absolutely captivating inside and out. GMC built the Terrain at a lifted angle so that more airflow is allowed under the vehicle, pressurizing the chassis components and resulting in an increased aerodynamic drag.


“Many look at our NFL football and see it as a simple object. However, the amount of engineering, particularly in the area of aerodynamics, that has gone into the ball is pretty extraordinary. Every millimeter of the football has been designed to maximize the airflow around it so we can extend its flight, reduce drag and help maintain stability as much as possible,” said Daniel Hare, an Aerodynamics Research Engineer at Wilson Sporting Goods.


The aerodynamics of the GMC Terrain was inspired by Wilson Football’s computation of fluid dynamics. See how the GMC Terrain came to life in this short video!



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