The Land Rover Discovery = The Perfect Beach Vehicle

January 6th, 2017 by

Eying the cold front coming through this weekend, we can’t help but dream of warmer days on the beach. The Land Rover Discovery proves to be the perfect beach-mobile for the coming summer months. Recently, the model was tested out by the surfing legend, Laird Hamilton, and the eight-year-old phenomenon, Jett Prefontaine. The two ventured out to Point Mugu in Malibu, California to see how the new Land Rover’s abilities held up to the challenges of the salt life. Laird used the InControl Remote app to operate Land Rover’s Intelligent Seat Fold technology, which controls the seat configuration remotely. Using the specially designed Aqua Rack, the two surfers loaded up their boards securely and simply. Laird Hamilton said, “You can even adjust the vehicle from the surf! Remotely rearranging the seats to make space for your friends, or activating the climate control to cool the vehicle before you catch the last wave of the day, has to be the ultimate in convenience.” One of the coolest beach-friendly features? The Activity Key. Drivers can enjoy the outdoors without carrying their keys. The waterproof Activity Key wristband allows owners to lock the vehicle and disable the standard key, which can be left inside. The unique wristband provides hands-free access to the vehicle. Make your next beach trip incredible with the Land Rover Discovery.


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