Land Rover Takes Four Wins In The Residual Value Awards

December 4th, 2015 by

Land Rover North America was awarded four ALG-Residual Value Awards for “Best Premium Brand,” “Best Premium Full-Size” for the 2016 Range Rover, “Best Premium Midsize” for the 2016 Range Rover Sport and “Best Premium Compact SUV” for the 2016 Discovery Sport. ALG is the industry benchmark for residual values and depreciation data. This marks the brand’s second consecutive win and makes it the tenth win in eleven years for the Range Rover Sport.

The annual ALG Residual Value Awards recognize automakers’ outstanding achievements for vehicles that are predicted to retain the highest percentage of their original price after a conventional three-year period. Awards are given in 26 vehicle categories and also for the two brands with the highest overall predicted residual values among all mainstream and all premium vehicles. This year’s awards are based on 2016 model year vehicles.

Joe Eberhardt, President & CEO, Jaguar Land Rover North America said, Being recognized by ALG for retaining value over three years demonstrates that Land Rover is not only the pinnacle of SUVs, but a great value as well.”

“For generations, the Land Rover brand has been synonymous with genuine capability and dignified luxury,” said Eric Lyman, vice president of industry insights for ALG. “A newly expanded lineup and enhanced luxury amenities have served only to increase demand for Land Rover products allowing for limited incentive spending and high residual values. Land Rover embodies what it means to travel in style and comfort to any destination, making it one of the most respected brands in the auto industry.”

The winners are determined through study of the competition in historical vehicle performance and industry trends. Key factors that impact the ALG’s residual values include vehicle quality, production levels relative to demand and pricing and marketing strategies.

Congratulations to Land Rover on the quadruple win from The ALG-Residual Value Awards! Visit us on Savannah Highway and learn more about these award-winning vehicles.