Land Rover’s Latest In Technology – Land Rover West Ashley – Charleston, SC

June 11th, 2015 by

Land Rover just released its latest technology that helps drivers avoid potholes and help get them fixed at the same time.








This is how it works.

Sensors on the vehicle are able to detect when the driver dives over a pothole. It then records it with GPS locator data and sends it to local road authorities that will hopefully go out and fix the pothole.  These sensors are being tested on Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport.   As of now, the technology is only able to detect potholes if the vehicle drives over it, they are working to add front-facing cameras to the system that can scan the road ahead.

Land Rover is hopeful this technology with lead to maintaining better roads.  And also that in the future a car may be able to automatically avoid a pothole or slow its speed to soften the hit and avoid damage to the vehicle.

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