Making Comparisons: The smart Pure Versus the Electric Coupe

November 22nd, 2016 by

smart is known for their tech-savvy ways and fuel-and-energy-efficient vehicles. Deciding whether electric or gas is better for your lifestyle on the road can be exhausting. We’ve broken down the techs and specs of the smart Pure and the Electric Coupe to make your decision easier.


Pure                                                     Electric Coupe


Engine:            Three-Cylinder Turbo Charged            Water-Cooled Three-Phase AC Motor


Torque:                        100 lb-ft                                                          96 lb-ft


0-60mph:                    10.1 s                                                              11.5 s


Top Speed:                  96 mph                                                            78 mph


Turning Radius:           22.8 ft                                                             22.8 ft


Smart Electric



We invite you to test drive the smart Pure and Electric Coupe and discover their true performance at Baker Motor Company in West Ashley.