Maserati Focuses on Hybrid Cars, Not Electric – Maserati of Charleston – Charleston, SC

July 30th, 2015 by

Tougher global emissions standards have several luxury automakers searching for ways to improve the fuel efficiency of their models that right now are not considered “eco-friendly.” Maserati plans to place a Hybrid-only strategy and perhaps hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, but they have ruled out electric cars according to CEO Harald Wester in an invertview with Motor Trend.

Wester said Maserati will first work to improve the efficiency of standalone internal-combustion engines, and then move on to hybrids in the “distant future.” He noted that the brand will have to be cautious not to sacrifice its caché by downsizing too far in the name of fuel efficiency, but still meet government standards. Luxury German brands including Audi and Porsche are preparing to launch more plug-in hybrids and electric cars, so we will be interested to see how Maserati’s strategy competes. ?

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