Mercedes-Benz Created A Real-Life Transformer – Baker Motor Company – Charleston, SC

September 18th, 2015 by

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Yes, you heard us right. Mercedes-Benz has created the IAA Concept- a real-life transformer. We love how Mercedes-Benz continues to re-establish the present and future of the automotive industry and this vehicle is no exception. The concept IAA pushes the limits of innovation.

The IAA was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. When it travels at speeds of 50 mph or with the push of a button the car transforms from its traditional dimensions into a longer, ultra-aerodynamic coupe.



This is how it works:

  1. Eight segments of the vehicle’s rear extend by approximately 15 inches
  2. Flaps in the front bumper extend by an inch to the front and 3/4 inch to the rear
  3. Active Rims cupping changes from 2 inches to 0 inches
  4. The front bumper flaps move 2.3 inches to the rear

When the IAA is not “transformed” it is simply a great looking four-door coupe with plenty of power. It may not ever make it to a showroom, but we will marvel at it in the meantime.