Mercedes-Benz Creates The “Uncrashable” Car In Cute Ad

November 2nd, 2015 by

Have you seen the latest commercial from Mercedes-Benz? In the video they hand children mini cars to play with and as you can see it doesn’t take long before they starting to try and make them crash, but as you can see that’s not what happens. The commercial brings awareness to the Brake Assist PLUS System that is standard or available on many Mercedes-Benz models.

The Brake Assist PLUS system from Mercedes-Benz is quite effective in helping drivers avoid collisions. This is how it works. The system uses data from two radar systems on the vehicle. The first of which is a long-range system installed beneath grille that scans everything in front of the vehicle for up to 655 feet and at an angle that spans up to three lanes of traffic. The second of the radar systems is a mid-range scanner, which focuses on a shorter distances, but wider angles. Below the front bumper, there are two other shorter range sensors with an 80 degree field of vision to help recognize danger further to the sides of the vehicle. Just another incredible function from Mercedes-Benz’s advanced technology.

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