Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe: Cute Little Crossover

December 6th, 2016 by

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe: Cute Little Crossover

By Megan Busch

I’m not a girl who knows a ton about cars. I’ve driven Jeeps all my life (as has my mother), and I really haven’t veered off that track—ever. So, I’ve teamed up with the group at Baker Motor Company to try new things, namely cars outside my norm. A few times each month, I’ll be driving one of Baker’s cars and letting you know what I think. This isn’t going to be a series of Car and Driver or Motor Trend reviews. It’s just a girl sharing her honest opinion about some nifty vehicles.


I kind of have a soft spot for small SUVs. I’ve driven two Wranglers, a Cherokee, and a Liberty in my car-owning history, so the zippy size and storage conveniences of a smaller SUV feel right at home for me. No surprise, Mercedes-Benz does the crossover well. With all the luxuries of Mercedes-Benz’s classic cars, the GLC Coupe adds a sporty style and utilitarian features that make it ideal for drivers seeking just a little more power and storage than a standard coupe or sedan.


What’s a Coupe Anyway?

I learned new car vocabulary while driving the GLC Coupe. I had always thought that coupe specifically referenced a car with two doors (that’s even what a quick Google search will tell you). However, there can be four-door coupes and in recent years, four-door coupe SUVs, pioneered by BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The coupe-style SUV refers mainly to the compact size, the iconic slope of the rear roofline of the car, and the missing or camouflaged central window frame on the sides of the car. The goal is to merge the look of an SUV with the shape of a traditional coupe. Mercedes-Benz describes the GLC as “a new fusion of SUV capability, coupe agility, and Mercedes-Benz style.” Now that we have a new working definition of coupe—that expands beyond the number of doors on a vehicle—it’s easy to see the beauty in the GLC’s design. The muscular exterior of an SUV blends flawlessly with the sleek lines of a coupe.

Strong Like an SUV

In my mind, SUVs have a reputation for being extra tough, and the GLC brings this brawn into its design. As I was signing the paperwork to drive, Executive Manager of Baker Motor Company AJ Geffert said, “You know, you can sit on those doors.” Challenge accepted. Most car doors would falter under the weight of a human, but the doors on the GLC (and on any Mercedes-Benz for that matter) can hold up to 200 pounds. I tried it out, I didn’t break it, no insurance claims were filed, and nothing disastrous happened. I’m not sure when you would ever need to sit on your car door, but if you do, the GLC can handle it. Overall, the car feels sturdy when you drive it. Nothing rattles, nothing feels cheap, and everything feels like it will last for decades, no matter what Charleston terrain you take it through.


Sharp Like a Coupe

I found myself drawn to the design of the GLC Coupe. I like the sleek roofline that leads to a hatchback with plenty of storage space. I like driving a vehicle that’s higher off the road than a typical car, but I also appreciate that the vehicle is small enough to maneuver downtown, zig through traffic, and parallel park with ease. In other words, I didn’t feel like I was driving a limousine or a Mac truck (as I would feel in something like an Escalade or an Armada perhaps). The GLC’s style is simply on point.

Drawing Conclusions

Blending the SUV with a coupe seems like a strange option, but Mercedes-Benz does it with class. If I were considering purchasing the GLC Coupe, I may also check out the Porsche Macan or the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, both of which are chic, small SUVs. For price comparison’s sake, the base MSRP of the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe starts at $45,950, the Macan comes in at $47,500, and the Evoque pricing begins at $41,800. I would encourage you to take them all for a spin to see which one suits you best.


About this 2017 GLC Coupe

2.0L Inline-4 Turbo Engine

241 Horsepower

9G-TRONIC 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

Polar White Exterior

Black Interior with Natural Grain Black Ash Wood

ECO Start/Stop

Keyless Start

Power Liftgate

Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers

Collision Prevention Assist Plus

Attention Assist

Pre-Safe Predictive Occupant Protection System

Rearview Camera

Total Price: $48,115

Test drive the 2017 GLC Coupe at Baker Motor Company in West Ashley or Mercedes-Benz of Mount Pleasant.