Mercedes-Benz Is Shifting Gears

April 29th, 2016 by

Mercedes-Benz is shifting gears and has recently proposed a switch to bio-diesel in India after a Supreme Court ruling in December of 2015 banned registration of diesel SUV’s and high end vehicles with engines larger than 2 liters. Bio-diesel definitely has its advantages; it is renewable, biodegradable and emits much less carbon dioxide, however, 70-75% of vehicles in the luxury market that are sold in India currently run on diesel. Diesel is typically preferred among high end vehicles and SUV owners across the board because of its positive effect on performance when turbocharged. This environmentally conscious shift would reduce the need to modify engines, but comes with complex impacts in various parts of the world. High-end motor companies are looking at much higher allocation for petrol vehicles, but making this “cleaner” fuel readily available is a large undertaking.