Mercedes-Benz Offers Night View Assist – Baker Motor Company – Charleston, SC

September 1st, 2015 by

Driving at night can be a challenge for some.  Pedestrians, animals and some objects can be hard to see, even with your headlights, when driving down a dark road in Charleston.

Luckily, for us, Mercedes-Benz has taken some of the danger out of night driving with Night View Assist Plus.

This new Mercedes-Benz feature uses infrared imaging to detect night hazards and alerts drivers before traditional headlights could pick them up.

Here is how it works.  Night View Assist uses infrared LED spotlights and two infrared cameras to detect obstacles beyond the range of your headlights. Paired with smart computer analysis, this system can identify animals or people at up to 525 feet and large animals like deer at about 325 feet. Once an obstacle is detected, the digital speedometer display in the dash of the vehicle will switch to a bright, night-vision image of the road, with people and animals highlighted in color so they are easier to identify and avoid.

Night View Assist Plus is available in the G-Class, SL-Class and S-Class models. Visit Baker Motor Company to experience new safety breakthroughs Mercedes-Benz has to offer.