New Technology in the S-Class Cabriolet Keeps You Comfortable – Baker Motor Company – Charleston, SC

October 1st, 2015 by


Ready to embrace the cooler temperatures in Charleston with your car’s top down? Mercedes-Benz has made it more comfortable than ever for you to do so.

In the new S-Class Cabriolet your temperature doesn’t have to drop just because the top has. The car is enabled with a Thermotronic system that keeps passengers comfortable with 12 sensors and 18 actuators that sense and adjust cabin temperature automatically. Thermotronic uses not only the ambient temperature to select just the right interior temperature, but also takes into account things like humidity and solar radiation levels.

Thermotronic also allows air distribution to be controlled separately for the driver, front-seat passenger and passengers in the back seat. Sensors throughout the vehicle make sure the climate set in each zone remains at a constant level for maximum comfort.

Thermotronic is just one of the ways Mercedes-Benz remains to be #TheBestorNothing.

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