Peace of Mind – Brought To You By Jaguar And Land Rover

April 29th, 2016 by

Jaguar and Land Rover have announced integrated support for Tiles, small white squares that help you keep track of your things and reduce the need to turn the car around. The tiles use Bluetooth Low Energy technology that acts as a ‘find-my-phone’ system for any device that you can attach it to. Jaguar can track specific tiles and even set up alerts for when you are about to leave your necessities behind. The Tile app is supported by Jaguar and Land Rover models that have the InControl In-Car app platform. If you are outside of tracking range, fear not; you are still able to identify the last place where signals were sent out. At $25 each, the Tile is an easy investment that not only keeps track of those important things you leave behind the most, but gives you peace of mind whether you are going to the grocery or the beach.

tile 2