The Porsche Panamera Wagon Is Coming… Baker Motor Company – Charleston, SC

For you station wagon fans out there (yes, we know you still exist!), there have been some recent developments at Porsche that should have you very excited! That is because the popular European Porsche Panamera wagon, called the Shooting Brake, will be making its way to our shores very soon, hopefully, the end of 2017 or early 2018!

Do We Know What It Will Look Like?

We can safely assume that the vehicle will look similar to the European model, and it will most likely be based off of the Panamera wagon concept that was shown off at the Paris Auto Show in 2012. The updated Panamera wagon is expected to make its debut at this year’s Paris Auto Show which is where we will get the best idea of what the U.S.  model will look like.

While We Wait…

Since it will still be a year or two until we see a Porsche Panamera wagon here in the U.S., we know many of you won’t want to wait until then to get a new vehicle. The 2016 Porsche Panamera sedan or the “four-door 911” is a fun and stylish vehicle that is available in a number of different models. Get in touch with a Baker Motor Company sales team member if you would like to learn more about the vehicle or set up a test drive.