Revolutionizing the Parking Garage

July 1st, 2016 by

Always forward-thinking, Porsche has partnered as an investor with Evopark, a new start-up company seeking to restructure the way drivers use parking garages in cities. Evopark’s goal is to streamline the parking process by eliminating paper parking tickets, creating a network of garages, and making information about parking available to drivers via a handy app. Users receive a parking card that accesses garages automatically and charges parking fees at the end of each month. The accompanying app shows open garages and the location of empty spots within those garages. Evopark’s system is already active throughout Germany, and they’re looking forward to expanding further in the years to come.

This investment is the first for Porsche’s Digital GmbH, a division of the manufacturer founded just this year to position Porsche as a leader in digital solutions for the automotive industry. The Digital GmbH provides a link between Porsche and individual inventors and innovators.

The best aspect of this partnership? Porsche drivers will be able to park for free for the first hour at garages operated by Evopark.

We’re excited to see collaborations like this extend to the United States as Porsche leads the way in automotive innovation.

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