smart Car Saves

December 19th, 2016 by

Diminish the constant worry of how much you’re spending on gas or how much further that half-tank is going get you before it is time to stop at the pump again. Driving a smart car isn’t just beneficial to you, but to the environment as well. Furthermore, when you have the ability to charge your vehicle rather than filling it up with gasoline, savings abound. Take the next step and discover just how convenient owning a smart car can be.


The Electric Coupe’s charger is designed to plug into any household socket. When using the On-Board 110 Volt Charger, the smart car can cruise the town after just 14 hours. A fully charged battery gives you the power to explore for a range of 68 miles before needing to recharge. If you are someone who is constantly on the go, there is another option! Shorten the time it takes to power up the battery, by upgrading to a  240 Volt Bosch Keba charging station. This is available for purchase, and it has the capability of cutting charging time in half!


Have a holiday road trip coming up soon? There’s no need to worry about packing up the power cord. With thousands of stations available in the US for the public to access, charging is made possible while on the go. Most public charging stations are located besides businesses and in residential areas. Many homeowners have even made their personal charging stations accessible to the public. Make finding the nearest station easy by downloading apps like Plug Share and Charge Point so you’ll never miss an opportunity to rejuvenate your smart car.


To take the Electric Coupe for a spin and discover more of the many benefits from driving this smart, stop by Baker Motor Company’s smart Center in West Ashley.