Spotlight On Sprinter Stories – Baker Motor Company of Charleston – Charleston, SC

September 16th, 2015 by


Pain D’Avignon, a Long Island City–based wholesale bakery is committed to their product and its quality. Which is why there is no surprise that their products are highly sought after and enjoyed by New York’s top restaurants.

And the company does it all with the help of their 4 fully customized fleet of Sprinters. Pain D’Avignon choose Sprinter due to the ability to customize their van ensuring that their products get to their customers fresh, on time and in one piece.  Inside the van are 2 aluminum shelves that allow the company to stock products at their maximum capability without damaging the baked goods or compromising their taste/appearance.  Drivers are also able to walk in and out of the van without having to strain their bodies due to the vans high roofs, making deliveries more comfortable for employees. “The height space is fantastic and the built-in shelving allows us to transport our breads more efficiently,” said Pain D’Avignon co-founders.

Check out our fleet of Sprinter Vans here!