Add a little extra to your smart with Dock+Go concept

March 13th, 2012 by

The smart Dock+Go concept at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show

Want to add a little extra to your smart? With the new Dock+Go concept system developed for the smart electric drive, you’ll be able to thanks a Swiss-designed series of modules that plug into the car and offer a variety of functions to meet specific needs. Each is mounted on a single axle and turns the smart into a six-wheel car when attached. It’s almost like taking a smart “backpack” with you for extra power!

One of these “backpacks on wheels” is simply a larger battery pack that offers more range, while another carries a small internal combustion engine that works as a generator when the battery is depleted and allows for even longer trips.

We love how smart continues to innovate with its vehicle options. Want to take a smart test drive? Give us a call at 843-852-4000, or search our smart inventory now.