Baker Motor Company Named Good Neighbor of the Month

July 24th, 2014 by

Baker Motor CompanyCommunity Facebook group, West of the Ashley – Charleston, SC has named Baker Motor Company this month’s Good Neighbor award! They said:


“Our monthly West Ashley “GOOD NEIGHBOR AWARD OF THE MONTH” proudly goes to Baker Motor Company – Charleston, SC of Savannah Highway. We would like to publicly recognize and thank the Baker Motor Company family of dealerships in the 1500 block of Savannah Highway as well as the Buick-Cadillac-GMC property at 1621 Savannah Highway for excellence in appearance in terms of their property – including the design and well-kept appearance of their buildings – and the WONDERFUL & ATTRACTIVE landscaping that they’ve installed at their properties. Their beautiful palm trees, seasonal flowers and manicured lawn add a great deal to this commercial stretch of Savannah Highway and we very much appreciate the PRIDE they take in their locations and for being such a conscientious part of West Ashley. Thank you for being a great neighbor in West Ashley!”

Thank you so much, we love residing in West Ashley and love being active in the community!