Is Cadillac Changing Its Logo?

September 13th, 2013 by

1377237035000-monterey8-13-023Reportedly, Cadillac has been quietly debuting a fresh logo over the past couple of months. Cadillac’s sleek new Elmiraj concept car gives us an idea of where the brand is heading. Long gone are the days of land yachts- now is the time for Cadillac to shine as a sophisticated and upscale vehicle brand. To reflect this transformation, a new logo has been used on the grills of concept cars, asking us the beg the question- are these the new permanent logos?

There’s been a lot of speculation on the internet about the Cadillac logo on the grill of the Elmiraj concept car. It’s larger, it’s been stretched for a longer width, and has lost the traditional wreath we are familiar with.

So far, Cadillac executives have said they are not ready to announce any changes in the historic logo. The redesigned badge could see production sometime in 2015, if not earlier—depending on feedback from customers. We assume they want to record reactions before they make an official announcement of a new logo.