Luxury ride to Rock and Roll inspiration: What else can the Jaguar XF do?

February 29th, 2012 by

We all are inspired in different ways by the cars we drive, the people we know, the music we play. Well, it turns out that the lead Jaguar XF designer is also a rock and roll musician in his off hours. How cool is that? We’re not surprised, then, to see elements of the guitar in his vision for the XF:


Guitar Aficionado writes, However, Burgess says that his love of the guitar has influenced his car designs primarily in a more general sense: “The Les Paul is one of my favorite guitar shapes, and the Strat is equally beautiful in its own way. Both body shapes are inspired by the female form. They have hips, a waist, and curves. The most beautiful sports cars also have hips, a waist, and curves. Those are things that fundamentally appeal to the eye. Sexy, flowing forms, whether they’re applied to a car or guitar, will always have some appeal.’

Stop by Baker Motor Company today to see the all new 2012 Jaguar XF. Inspiration comes in all different shapes and sizes…who knows what you’ll imagine when you first take a test drive.

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