Mercedes-Benz Flagship S-Class Line Adds S550 Coupe

March 13th, 2015 by

Mercedes-Benz-S-Coupe-frontIn today’s society a vehicle has to be more than just drivable.  It needs to be equipped with modern technology, have a durable yet stylish interior and most importantly ride smoothly.   

As the newest edition to the Mercedes-Benz flagship S-Class line, the S550 Coupe has been described most recently as a mobile entertainment center.  Equipped with multiple mood-lighting options, a Burmester 3-D sound system and “Magic Sky Control” – a glass roof that you can electronically switch from opaque to transparent depending on your mood!  The vehicle also includes the new Mercedes-Benz app, “mbrace”, capable of booking concert/sport tickets  on the spot and then automatically directing you to the venue via the car’s top of the line GPS system.  The coupe also has a new state-of-the-art Air Balance system which ionizes the oxygen inside the car and spritzes the cabin with one of four available scents regularly.  You will notice that the car also features six different massage settings, including a hot-stone and activation mode – which encourages drivers to work out their abdominals by pressing against various pressure points in your back and shoulders. 

The S550 Coupe is the base car in a lineup of six models which are noted as being the most advanced and luxurious vehicles to roll out of the lab yet! We can’t imagine what Mercedes-Benz will dream up next.