Mercedes-Benz to Include mbrace as Standard Feature Across 2013 Vehicle Lineup

August 30th, 2012 by

Exciting news for Mercedes-Benz drivers: Mercedes-Benz is including mbrace technology as a standard feature across the 2013 vehicle lineup.

mbrace2 provides drivers top-of-the-line features related to safety, infotainment, personal assistance and vehicle care. It creates a truly networked vehicle offering open Internet access and custom versions of popular apps, including Facebook, Yelp and Google Local Search designed specifically for in-vehicle use – called Mercedes-Benz Apps. It also includes a solution to remotely update software via cloud networks ensuring that mbrace2 users always have the latest app versions in their vehicles and at their fingertips. Sensible user design and limited functionality of these Internet-based apps ensures that they provide maximum utility without unnecessary distraction when the vehicle is in motion; certain features are not available for use when the vehicle is in motion.

With this amazing technology, you can shift and toggle through life’s events with the help of mbrace2′s seamless connectivity and customized apps. It’s just the start of new technology Mercedes-Benz is introducing with its newest vehicles. See our Mercedes-Benz inventory now, and call us at 843-852-4000 to find out more about the mbrace experience.