Tenth Anniversary smart Celebrates Partnership

July 23rd, 2012 by

This is cool: In 2002, smart and German tuning firm Brabus formed a joint venture for the development of a sporty lineup of vehicles, with the first fruits of their labor coming the following year with the brabus coupe and cabrio models. Ten years and more than 50,000 customized vehicles later, the two brands are celebrating the milestone with the introduction of a new special edition version of the fortwo that will be limited to 100 units worldwide.

The 10th Anniversary Edition is based on the current smart babrus fortwo model with the 101hp (102PS) turbocharged three-cylinder engine that offers a top speed of 96mph and a zero to 96mph acceleration time of 8.9 seconds. The car’s tridion safety cell, bodypanels including the front grille and door mirrors of are painted in liquid silver, as are the front spoiler and side skirts in the styling package, and much more.

While this car will only have limited availability, we love the design innovations smart is taking. Be part of this world-class lineup: search our smart inventory now.